Introducing Anoop Judge and Mercy and Grace

The story of Gia Kumari and how she finally leaves the Delhi orphanage where she was raised is almost miraculous. You won't want to put this new novel, Mercy and Grace by Anoop Judge down. Also Anoop has  written a guest  post for us - about how beneficial writing is to help us work through our grief. I know that is very true. After my own son died, I wrote to heal and it helped me a lot. Here's Anoop: Writing Your Way Through Grief by Anoop Judge Grief is a profound and complex emotion that can arise from various sources, such as the loss of a loved one, the end of a significant relationship, or even the loss of a cherished dream. It’s a universal experience, yet it’s deeply personal and can feel isolating. In my own journey through grief, I’ve found writing to be a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. The Power of Writing Writing has long been recognized as a therapeutic activity. It allows us to express our emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a way … [Read more...]