A multiple book award winner is our guest today

BLynn Goodwin, a multiple book award winner, is our guest today. Her latest book, Disrupted, came out in late January and is doing wonderfully in sales. BLynn has also written a guest post for us about the difference between being a writer pantser and plotter with a quiz so we can easily tell what we are. I know for sure I'm a plotter but that doesn't mean it's the best choice. Here's BLynn with her pantser and plotter thoughts.   Pantser or Plotter? Does It Matter? by BLynn Goodwin   A professional writer I’ve worked with, a woman who’s published by the Big 4, posted that she was starting her ninth book and asking herself, “How do I do this?” She even googled How to Plot a Book. If she’s having problems and you are too, you are in good company. The experts say to write what you know, but they don’t tell you the best approach to take. It depends on who you are, how your brain works, and what kind of manuscript you’re working on. I found this wonderfully … [Read more...]

How journaling helped B. Lynn Goodwin decide to marry at age 62

B. Lynn Goodwin used her journals as the foundation of her memoir, Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62. Well, I have to say I did the same when I started my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On. I had pages and pages of journal entries that I meticulously copied from my handwritten notebooks to computer Word files, and my book was off and running. For me, writing in my journals helped me heal after losing my son too suicide. For B. Lynn Goodwin, journal writing helped her to decide whether to jump into a marriage with a two-time widower at age 62. We both agree that journaling is like having a secret friend that we can trust with anything in our minds and hearts. Here is B. Lynn Goodwin and her thoughts about the benefits of journaling for her. Need a Venting Partner? Try a Journal by B. Lynn Goodwin When I was dating Richard, I had crazy thoughts running through my head. What did I know about love or commitment or becoming a wife? I didn’t even tell my friends about him at … [Read more...]