A spring poem

I love Robert Lee Brewer's poetry prompts. He gives one out once a week except during poem a day challenges in April and November. I don't always do them on time or in order, but I eventually get through them. I guess he prompted us to write a spring poem at first bud. I'm a little late, but here it is. I lay on the Pilates reformer and push on the foot bar, in and out, in and out. My feet, first in the second position at the corners of the footbar then in first position at the center with my heels locked tightly together, I keep pushing and pulling. Two red and one green springs determine the weight for these exercises. And as my legs move back and forth the springs squeak, they yearn to stop, they want to do no more work. But I keep going. I don't listen to their moans never giving those springs a rest. … [Read more...]

I know Spring is here when the clivia is in bloom

My favorite time of the year is when the clivia is blooming. The blooms are in full force right now especially after yesterday's downpour. We don't have much of a front yard - in fact we hardly have any yard at all - and most of it is in the shade, so clivia is the perfect plant for us. I just wish the colorful blossoms lasted longer than a few weeks in early Spring. Check out the succulents too Clivia at full bloom … [Read more...]