My guest, Belinda Nicoll – drumroll please!

I'm so happy to have Belinda Nicoll here today. She is the author of the memoir, Out of Sync, which I read and reviewed a couple of months ago. For me Out of Sync to be more than a memoir. It is an adventure story, a travelogue, a history of our changing times, and a philosophical view of the world and life, as she adjusts to moving to America from South Africa with a new husband. I highly recommend you pick up her beautifully written book. And I'm so grateful to Belinda for answering my long list of questions. Here goes: 1. What does the title of the book mean? My memoir explores the concept of change despite a series of harrowing events that demonstrate how quickly adventure and excitement can devolve into chaos and despair, I believe that change, however merciless, is always the most profound catalyst for personal development. The title of my book Out of Sync captures the condition that permeated all aspects of my life in the ten years following our expatriation to … [Read more...]