Really I’m not a broken record

I have a new friend where I live who also writes a blog. But she writes everyday - something, I'm sorry to say, I won't commit to. Plus she adds great illustrations, news topics, trivia questions, and a daily puzzle. This I must say is one fun blog even when she asks pointed questions about the new mask directives and discusses why she doesn't watch the Olympics. And it's not all that serious. She even recommended buying a pair of shoes like her latest ones. Yes, I'm going to buy a pair. Here's her blog address:    I hope you'll check it out! *** As for me, well, I'm like a broken record. I keep writing and writing about the same old thing - my moving and how I'm feeling about it. Though I hope this latest piece  is a little more optimistic. Writing Group Prompt: Write about your comfortable space and what draws you to it or the reverse: Supposedly when I moved to my new apartment in Playa Vista I was moving to a more comfortable space. Leaving my big … [Read more...]

Still here, still writing

One of my favorite activities these days is meeting twice a month with my writing group. Before COVID we met monthly at either of the two leader's houses. Since we stopped gathering in person and now use Zoom to get together we meet on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Meeting more often a a great way to keep in touch as well as write more. Our last meeting's prompt was: Shoes – symbol of life, a way of being I immediately connected because I was a true shoe person from the time I was a little girl. Here's my writing group piece: When I was in fourth or fifth grade, I used to walk to grade school with a girl named Phyllis. We would pretend we were grownups walking on tippy toes as if we were wearing high heeled shoes. We’d also carry a handbag to match. And after school we’d go to one of our houses and spend the rest of the afternoon drawing shoes. Very high heeled shoes in all colors and styles. Except that not a one of them was suitable for walking and … [Read more...]