Thinking young on my birthday

Every month I write an article about some aspect of aging for the Aging Bodies website. This month's article pertains to my recent preoccupation with age. Of course that makes sense. Today is my seventy-third birthday. Here's my article: Aging Bodies Think Young, Stay Young   Tuesday, 14 May 2013 19:11 I've been thinking about age for a while especially now that I'm sure to live well beyond the age of my father and my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. But I think age is just relative. We really are just as young or old as we feel. My relatives who died at 72, the age I am now, looked and felt a lot older than they were. But they didn't have the youth-prolonging advantages like healthy food and exercise opportunities that we have. We also have science on our side better medical care and the miracles of skin care potions and plastic surgery. Don't you bristle when someone tells you how good you look for your age? I do. Couldn't they just say, You … [Read more...]