Introducing The Decision by Kevin Hart

Mental health and fitness have always been an important themes of this Choices blog. Today we introduce The Decision by Kevin Hart, who has a lot to say about that subject. Please welcome him now. A Review of The Decision: Overcoming Today's BS for Tomorrow's Success by Kevin Hart Kevin Hart is hands-down one of the most successful entertainers of all time. His rise to fame began in Philadelphia’s hardcore stand-up comedy scene. Through appearances in clubs, television shows, and his own social accounts, Hart established himself not just as a comedian, but also as a motivational speaker and fitness icon. In turn, this has helped expand his entrepreneurial ventures. Recently, a report by The Richest, states that “the busiest man in Hollywood” is even partnering with Nutribolt in a bid to take on the multi-billion dollar sports supplement market. In addition to his business ventures, Hart’s $200 million net worth has also allowed him to become a regular player at charity … [Read more...]

Why eating healthy matters

Francie Healey, my WOW! Women on Writing guest today, has recently published Eat to Beat Alzheimer's, a guide for people concerned with memory loss and the effects of dementia. Her topic is of special interest to me. I have for most of my life eaten healthy, and I continue to reap its benefits. At age seventy-six, I am still trim and fit, and feel as strong mentally as I did twenty years ago. I thank my father for introducing me to a healthful lifestyle. Even in the 1940s he shopped at health food stores and followed the advice of  Gayelord Hauser, a nutritionist and self-help author. I am pleased to welcome Francie Healey and her thoughts on why eating healthy matters. Why Eating Healthy Matters to Me  by Francie Healey Nurturance has always been something I've looked for. I think I have traveled along a path that many would be familiar with. I looked for nurturance in other people to give me the love and kindness I craved. I looked for nurturance in fad diets to get the results … [Read more...]