Like modern art? Then go to LACMA!

I went with two friends yesterday to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA),, specifically to see its newly installed Modern Art collection. It took us at least two hours to gaze at the art, listen to the commentary, and soak in the works by mostly familiar artists from the 1900 to the 1960s. There were concentrations of work by Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Kathe Kollwitz and other not so well known women artists, Diego Rivera, amongst wonderful examples of  paintings, sculptures, assemblages, wood cuts, lithographs, and drawings. I urge you to go – even if you’re not in the neighborhood. It’s well worth the trip. And it’s well worth your aching feet and back when you leave the scene.   I, for sure, am going back.  There is so much there to revisit - over and over. Maybe someone out there wants to join me.  … [Read more...]

A poem from Frankfurt

We visited the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt (the National Museum of Art was closed for renovations) and came across this very unusual sculpture by Katharina Fritsch. It haunted me so much I had to write a poem about it. Though you might not be able to tell from the photo, it is huge. All the figures are life size. And if you have any idea about what it means, please post a comment. Katharina Fritsch's Tischgesellschaft (Table Society), 1988 at the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art Sitting in Black and White Katharina Fritsch sculpted thirty-two men sitting at a long narrow table covered with a red and white print oil-cloth tablecloth Half of the men sit on one side half on the other, each looking exactly alike dressed in black shirt, pants, shoes. Each has black hair, only their faces and hands are chalk white. They sit sort of hunched over looking their opposite in the eye, their hands on the table with fingers turned … [Read more...]