Vacation poems and photos

When we travel I challenge myself to write a poem a day. And this past vacation to New England, Boston, NYC, and Washington DC was no different. Here's a small sampling with photos. Still leafless in Vermont In New Hampshire Birches The sparsely leafed birches scintillate amidst the spring trees along the road Their barks, like diamonds, bring sparkle to the forest floor. Even with full foliage in limes, reds, and emerald greens their fellow trees cannot compete. Montpelier Augusta Concord Three Domes We traveled around the states of Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire knowing there was no way we'd see everything. Those states are much too large and overwhelmingly rural. But we made up our minds to see each state capital and take photos of the domes. In Montpelier and Augusta there was no missing them they were gold and shining. The Concord capital dome is a dull green. With George and Barbara Bush ESP? This morning I joked about seeing … [Read more...]