Like modern art? Then go to LACMA!

I went with two friends yesterday to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA),, specifically to see its newly installed Modern Art collection. It took us at least two hours to gaze at the art, listen to the commentary, and soak in the works by mostly familiar artists from the 1900 to the 1960s. There were concentrations of work by Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Kathe Kollwitz and other not so well known women artists, Diego Rivera, amongst wonderful examples of  paintings, sculptures, assemblages, wood cuts, lithographs, and drawings. I urge you to go – even if you’re not in the neighborhood. It’s well worth the trip. And it’s well worth your aching feet and back when you leave the scene.   I, for sure, am going back.  There is so much there to revisit - over and over. Maybe someone out there wants to join me.  … [Read more...]

Writing resolutions check-in

Besides writing I do participate in other creative activities - like seeing a wonderful art exhibit at LACMA called In Wonderland. This painting is by Frieda Khalo. Time to revisit my 2012 writing resolutions (posted on January 1, 2012) and report how I've been doing. First for the things I've accomplished. I participated in the January River of Stones project, writing a small stone every day of the month. I finished reading Doreen Cox' Adventures in Mother Sitting and wrote and posted reviews for it. I overachieved in the review category, by finally writing and posting a review of Laura Mays Hoopes memoir Breaking the Spiral Ceiling: An American Woman Becomes A DNA Scientist. And I'm happy to report that my novel writing has gone very well. I'm writing a bit more than the one thousand words a week that was my commitment. I'm also writing a poem a week and writing my regular posts for NaturallySavvy and PsychAlive One of my best accomplishments of the month was … [Read more...]

The last January 2012 small stones

January 22 Dark gray clouds cover the roaring waves. I wonder why the surfers aren't riding them instead of taking them them one by one lying down. January 23 Kristi's photo was posted on Putting a Face on Suicide today. She was just 19 when she took her life. I wish I could share her huge eyes, her smooth skin, her friendly closed-mouth smile with you. She was beauty. And even that couldn't save her from a drug addiction that sucked the life out of her. January 24 I met an old friend this morning and within five minutes of talking she was in tears. She told me about her mentally ill daughter in yet another healing institution. She's been in nine since she was thirteen; she is twenty now. I hope my writing will inspire my friend to take good care of herself. Her daughter will have to find her own way. January 25 I was so proud of myself last evening for being an advocate in getting a mentally ill young man some help. I was told at ten in the evening that he would be in … [Read more...]