Boston Marathon poems and more

Two weeks ago the Boston Marathon bombings racked our world. Ever since I've experienced uncontrollable tears and deep sadness whenever I read or hear anything about the dead, the injured, the survivors, the heros, the young men who allegedly did the deed. Times like these bring all the pain of losing my son back. Especially the suddenness of his death. They also remind me how important it is to take care of ourselves in whatever way we can. Writing usually helps me. I've been journaling like crazy lately, and I selected three of Robert Lee Brewer's prompts for the April Poem A Day challenge to write about that unconscionable event in Boston. HUNDREDS OF SNEAKERS FROM FELLOW MARATHONERS HANG ON THE BARRICADES SURROUNDING THE MEMORIAL. PHOTO BY REGINA MOGILEVSKAYA 15. write an infested poem. There are many different infestationsfrom physical infestations to infestations of the heart and soul. Infested with Violence Guns abound used for mass killings at our … [Read more...]