Does a long trip take its toll on our bodies?

Since my husband and I are both in our seventies and the couple we traveled with are in their late sixties, I started thinking about how traveling to far away places especially Africa can take its toll on our aging bodies. Here's the precautions and planning I did to counter any possible adverse affects on what would be the trip of a lifetime. First I needed to get a series of shots required for traveling to Africa polio vaccine, hepatitis, tetanus, and yellow fever the yellow fever injection was painful for quite a while. I also brought along a 25-day supply of malaria prevention pills that I started taking a few days before arriving in Africa and continued for seven days after we left. I brought along the original prescription bottle to avoid any questions at the airport. What to pack for Africa was another issue. We were told to bring crushable duffle-type bags to Africa with the admonition that that bag and any of our carry on pieces should weigh no more than a total of … [Read more...]