Not a crack – it was a total break!

As another woman who broke through the glass ceiling in the 60s and 70s, I can really relate to Marilyn Howard's book. Please read The Writing on the Wall to find out how she and her associates did it. I know it wasn't easy for me when I started working in the aerospace industry in 1963. At that time there were no women's faces on company organization charts - can you imagine? I also invite you to read Marilyn's guest post: "Learn the Science of Palm Reading." That should keep you busy.     Here's Marilyn: Learn the Science of Palm Reading  by Marilyn Howard Is there a personal destiny? Many would like to know. An industry of psychics dating back to ancient civilization has developed. We all know there are many frauds in the psychic and palm reading arena. I dismissed all palm reading and psychics as charlatans, yet they held me curious. I've since learned there is a scientific basis in palm reading. Except for the brain, the fingers possess twenty times … [Read more...]

Equal pay for women is a must

I'm encouraged with the news that women in the movie industry are questioning why they are paid less that their male counterparts. Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay about it in October when it was revealed she made considerably less than her male counterparts in the film American Hustle. Now Cate Blanchett is praising Lawrence. Blanchett says: ''I applaud her for saying that because, forget the film industry for a second, it encourages women in other industries to say, 'You know what, I'm not receiving equal pay for equal work here.' In 2005 I received a Women of Achievement (WOA) award from the aerospace company I worked for. The following year I was asked to speak at the WOA awards luncheon about the changing roles of women over the last few decades I guess the committee knew I was old enough to have witnessed these changes personally. The speech focused on inequality in my workplace. Since I retired in 2010, I can't speak for the situation now. I only hope that the … [Read more...]

Happy retirement, Barbara Walters

I couldn't let this day go by without a mention of Barbara Walters' retirement after fifty years in the news, views, and television specials business. I don't normally watch daytime television but I had to today, just to see her final appearance on The View, a show she created seventeen years ago. Barbara Walters was a huge role model for women in journalism, and on this day's episode of The View, Oprah Winfrey brought nearly every newswomen on the planet, said TNZ, to thank her for it.  She looked around at the dozens of young women standing around her and said, This is my legacy. And what a great legacy that is. Unfortunately my desire to work as a journalist and my training in journalism came a decade too soon. Even so, I thank her for what she has accomplished. The news business has not been the same since Barbara Walters became the first woman co-news anchor of the nightly news in 1976. Though her co-anchor at that time (Harry Reasoner) did not respect her or want a … [Read more...]