A book of inspiration for teens and young women, edited by Linda Neas

[I use Grammarly's english grammar check online because if you think using good grammar was only important for your school term papers, you've got another think coming.]   In keeping with the quotes and storied included in Reverend Linda Rhinehart Neas' inspirational anthology, Returning to the Circle: Inspirational Wisdom from Women for Women, Linda has shared with us here at Choices her important advice to teens and young women about breast cancer awareness. But first, more about this lovely anthology and how thrilled I am to have a piece about my journaling experience included. I jumped at the chance to participate when Linda told me of her plan to edit a book containing quotes and affirmations by famous women and true stories by real women, who have faced difficulties, obstacles and pain. These are stories of your mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, or friend. As Linda suggests: Learn from their experiences. Trust their judgment. Believe in their wisdom. Over a year ago, … [Read more...]