Please welcome Jennifer Richardson

I'm always pleased when WOW - Women on Writing asks me to participate in one of their new author blog tours. WOW hosted my first blog tour, and I have made many lasting friends as a result. Plus I'm a huge advocate of virtual book tours as a way of promoting our books. My guest today is Jennifer Richardson, author of Americashire: A Field Guide to a Marriage (She Writes Press, May 2013) who discusses her decision to live a child-free life. This topic is particularly of interest to me because my son and his wife recently made that decision as well. Here's Jennifer: Living a Childfree Life: The Oprah Problem and Other Myths I already know what you're thinking. You're about to read something fabulous and envy-inducing. Because surely, since I chose not to have kids, I must be living the life exotic AND making a difference along the way. It's not your fault for thinking this; that blame lies directly with Oprah. While the childfree life has become quite stylish with … [Read more...]