Want to sell a ton of books?

I've been a member of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society for almost three years, participating at monthly informative gatherings, book festivals, and special conferences and seminars. And I always come away from these events energized to create, market, or, as reminded by last Saturday's guest speaker Carolyn Howard-Johnson, about ways to Sell A Ton of Books. Howard-Johnson is best known as The Frugal Book Promoter. She is also a literary writer, poet, and very savvy marketer. (See her complete bio on her Amazon page.) She is also generous with her knowledge. She gave us a long list of ways to sell more books without costing us a ton of money. One of the first things she said: speaking is the best way to market. However, not all writers are speakers, so we can still accomplish our marketing goals just by sitting at our desks and making use of resources online. For example:   Make lists of media, business, and personal contacts and organize them by email address, … [Read more...]