Some more draft (political) poems

Since election day is three days away I thought I’d post a few more of my draft political poems. Hopefully they’ll make sure you get out to vote for my favorite: Mr. Joe Biden. How could anyone really want to vote for the other guy?


The last election stages
Are going on:
That election year ritual
Of 60 Minutes interviews
With the candidates
Airs tonight
Large venues have opened
Their doors for early voting
And poll watching and speculation
As to who will win
are going on full force.
I fluctuate between confidence
That my guy, Joe Biden,
Will win, and win in a landslide,
Considering the long lines
Of early voters all over the country,
And being scared Donald
will somehow pull it off
as a result of all his dirty tricks
And paying off his base.
Well, I don’t have much longer to wait
Though they also say
We probably won’t know on election night
Maybe in the days and weeks thereafter.




Do people just pull them
Off their faces in anger
And toss them
on the sidewalks
And in the bushes?
Are they angry
because of the mask rules
In our town?
So much that they’ve even
Thrown away the rules
Posted everywhere outside.
Lately discarded masks
are all over,
Some looking brand new
Some stepped on so many times
Their light blue color have
almost turned black.
Why do people still rebel
About wearing masks these days
Even when the number of cases
Are going up more than ever?
I’d like a dollar for every
trashed mask I see.
I’d be rich at the end of the day


He sometimes does rallies
Three and four times a day
All over the country.
No matter that he draws
Huge crowds and refuses
To care about their safety.
It became most evident
The other night in Omaha
Where he bused hordes in
To listen to his familiar and repugnant
Political cries. But
When he was through
Shining his hair
In the limelight,
He left the stage and
His crowds behind
To wait for hours in freezing
Snowy weather for return buses
To arrive. He had accomplished his goal
To create his crowd
So he didn’t care who lived
Or died while stranded that night.


The presidential campaign
Is coming to a close
With surveys suggesting
Biden has a strong advantage
Among voters who have
Voted ahead of November 3
And Trump leading by a wide margin
Among people who will vote that day.
However, Joe Scarborough
of Morning Joe
Doesn’t believe in polls at all
Or a Biden landslide that
I and my friends are hoping for.
So I prefer to think polls matter
Especially the ones that show
Biden will win.


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