Shame on them!

“Shame is a psychological autoimmune disease, the mind trying to eat itself.”

I’ve been thinking about shame today, and the most I can come up with is how I feel after watching the January 6 select committee hearings this morning. How Mr. Trump and his allies Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman treated people who didn’t obey their requests to overturn the election or go along with their lies about the work of honest election officials.

Our whole country should feel shame about how these politicians acted and are still acting and how, at least in my estimation, they will eventually get away with their appalling and illegal behaviors.

I watched a young women named Shaye Moss as she gave her testimony to the committee. She had been a loyal election worker for many years and loved helping people – especially the older adults – vote, either in person or by mail. And now, after the lies that she and her mother stuffed the ballot boxes with votes for Biden and the life threats she received as a result, she has left that job she so loved. She felt such shame that she stopped going out, stopped working, stopped living the life as she always knew it. I looked at the tears she couldn’t help shedding. I looked at her mouth as she chewed her ginger mints – what she also chewed on the job. Trump and Giuliani said her passing a mint to her mother, shown on a completely innocent video of the room where she and her mother worked, was a fraudulent act.

And Trump and Giuliani will never feel shame about what they did to her. How can we as members of this country get them to finally eat their minds?

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