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Please welcome Kate Brenton on her WOW! Women on Writing tour of her first book, Rebirth. A brief summary tells us that when life is calling, often we need only the space and the support to remember our way. Sometimes we lean into our expansion, and sometimes we bolt from our greatness. The biggest shock is that big change happens in small choices. In Rebirth you will find real-life stories of people who made courageous leaps that will inspire you to make your own. It’s time to step out of line and back into the spiral of life—that’s where the alchemy is. This book fits right into the side pocket of your bag and your life to inspire you as you read others’ stories of how they listened and learned to make embodied changes in their own lives.

Publisher: Inspirebytes Omni Media
ISBN-10: 1953445261
ISBN-13: 978-1953445261
Print length: 278 pages

Kate also shares her thoughts on mothering while working as a writer:


Mothering, Writing, and Working in the Modern World

by Kate Brenton

Someone asked me recently how I had time to write a book with a 4 year old.

“I didn’t,” was my honest answer.

In the very practical sense, I had neither the time or the resources to undertake such a thing and yet here I sit as an author writing about my book, called Rebirth, which was born of a podcast. The podcast, was my postpartum project. A way to reach into my creative  self as I willingly surrendered the rest of me to raising a little one.

I really didn’t have the time to write, so I squeezed it in at nap times or after bedtime or when I had a day of childcare.  It did help annihilate procrastination because if I didn’t write in the forty-five minute time slot, I didn’t write and I had a contract to fulfill. In some ways, when I was writing the book I did little else with my life outside of mothering, but the act of the creative gave me back the piece of myself I would have lost all together.

I am not here to tell you there is a balance or a right way to work, write or mother. There isn’t. I am not even sure if I did it the right way, but this is certainly a case of done is better than perfect because I have crossed a threshold in my own self in the book’s completion, and that is what I want to share with you.

That even if there is no time, and it makes no sense, if writing is how you make sense of the world, if that is what is calling you, listen at all costs. I do believe if I had turned down the contract to write, I would have lost more than a publisher, I would have eroded trust in myself and the worth in my own voice—not because this was the one chance, but because it was the one in front of me.

If you are looking to write, do it. It will make you a better mother; it will help you reclaim your space of knowing and making meaning in the world. We creatives are not here to bend towards the modern world, we are here to inform it and uplift it.  We do this by holding the creative sacred and worthy, both in art and raising tiny humans.

The thing I remind myself, as it is all to easy to blame the weight of modern motherhood, is that without my son, there would be no book. Sure there would have been some book some day, but the one that was written against all odds is the one that came from a time where I had little to give and I got it all back in spades. What the modern world needs is less answers, and more people asking the right questions and listening to whispers inside. When we make beauty and meaning for the sake of the process, unexpected grace arises for us as women, as writers, and as mothers.


About the Author

Kate Brenton, Ed.M., educator, author, mama, and healer, used to climb trees in her childhood to sit in and read books. A lifelong teacher, from secondary English to spiritual development, Kate has the archetype for sharing wisdom to empower and elevate through online courses, inspirational speaking, and retreats.

She helps women connect the dots between their purpose and their passion. Her first book Rebirth: Real-life stories about what happens when you let go and let life lead hit #1 on Amazon for New Thought, and can also be found at your favorite bookseller. Once a high school English teacher, Kate spent seven years in Hawaii learning holistic healing and now braids the power of story — whether in the bones or on the page — to inspire and uplift. She teaches online classes and retreats for spiritual development and inspiration. She also hosts a cohort, Sit & Write for mission-led authors. Come say hello or listen to the Rebirth podcast at podcast and read Kate’s Substack.



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