Poems from the latest Poem A Day challenge

I have to confess right from the start that I didn’t finish the November 2016 Poem A Day (PAD) challenge. I was so caught up in my husband’s recovery from his Grand Canyon accident that writing poetry during that time was the last thing on my mind. However, I wrote a poem a day for the first fifteen days. Here’s a couple, including the prompts I wrote to.

  1. Write a wire poem. A wire poem could be about something that needs wireslike maybe a robot, TV, or automobile. But birds huddle on telephone wires, people wire money to each other, and kids can get wired off of too much candy and/or caffeine. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t written more wired poems over the years.

Birds on the Wire

It fascinates me
To see those birds
Up there on the electrical wires.
Don’t their little bird claws
Perched around those strands
Of metal get hot?
They don’t seem to mind their perch.
It’s where they come to meet their friends,
Learn the latest gossip,
And take a short break
From their travels.
The last thing they need
Is a random electrical shock.

  1. Take the phrase Call Me (blank), replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write the poem. Possible titles include: Call Me Al, Call Me Crazy, Call Me Batman, Call Me at 3 O’clock in the Morning, etc.

Call Me Sad

There is no other way
to put the great feeling
of disbelief, puzzlement,
resentment, and antipathy
I feel today.
Hillary lost the election
to the racist misogynist
and narcissist Donald Trump.
I’m sad for myself, Hillary,
and all of my country.
I’m so sad it feels like mourning.
In the Jewish tradition
We sit Shiva after a loved one’s funeral.
I’m sitting Shiva for Hillary and our country today.
We’ll see if I can move on tomorrow.

  1. Write a description poem. Pick someone or something to describe. Get in depth, or just brush along the surface.

Phony Blond Hair

It reeks of phony:
The long blond hair
Brushed across his head
And down to his neck.
How can a seventy-year-old guy
Have corn-colored hair?
Maybe just to go with
His orange complexion.
Only a toupee could
Behave like that.


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