Podcasts have a funny side

I walk every morning for about an hour and twenty minutes and while I walk I listen to podcasts. I’m never without those white little buds in my ears. My first choice is “Morning Joe,” not only for its talk about the daily news but for its editorialization of the news. And that can be pretty funny.

Since 2007, “Morning Joe” has been a weekday talk show that airs every morning on MSNBC. It stars former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, who has been Scarborough’s wife since 2018, and Willie Geist, who also hosts the “Sunday Sitdown” podcast. They discuss the news of the day along with a panel of experts who offer additional insight. Some panelists include journalists Jon Meacham, John Heilemann, Nicolle Wallace, Eugene Robinson, and Robert Costa. The show has earned consistently good ratings over the years, in part due to the ever-revolving “Morning Joe” cast members who pop in from time to time.

Joe is the funny guy, while Mika and Willie play the straight guys. I sometime think Joe is a professional orator as he goes on and on about a subject repeating lines over and over again to make his points. And he’ll repeat things he’s said weeks, months and years ago. I always know what’s coming, but nevertheless I enjoy it. Plus I like the points Joe makes. I also like when Mika tries to get him back on course.

What I don’t like about the podcast is that it is never long enough. It is only a fraction of the length of the actual show on MSNBC. Some mornings it will go fifty minutes or so, but lately it’s been cut down to twenty-five to thirty-five minutes. Come on, Producers. Give your podcast listeners a break. don’t cut us off right when the good stuff is about to happen.

Oh, and don’t consider this a threat. I’ll continue listening no matter the length of the show. I just am asking for more.


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