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As another woman who broke through the glass ceiling in the 60s and 70s, I can really relate to Marilyn Howard’s book. Please read The Writing on the Wall to find out how she and her associates did it. I know it wasn’t easy for me when I started working in the aerospace industry in 1963. At that time there were no women’s faces on company organization charts – can you imagine?

I also invite you to read Marilyn’s guest post: “Learn the Science of Palm Reading.” That should keep you busy.



Here’s Marilyn:

Learn the Science of Palm Reading  by Marilyn Howard

Is there a personal destiny? Many would like to know. An industry of psychics dating back to ancient civilization has developed. We all know there are many frauds in the psychic and palm reading arena. I dismissed all palm reading and psychics as charlatans, yet they held me curious.

I’ve since learned there is a scientific basis in palm reading. Except for the brain, the fingers possess twenty times more concentrated sensory nerve endings than any other part of our body. There are about 17,000 touch receptors and nerve endings. Each person has a unique fingerprint that can be used for identification. Twins separated at birth will often travel the same pattern into parallel lives. Our genes are powerful messengers. The human body hold probability patterns for the future, which can be chronicled in the lines on our palm.

At eighteen, a Fulbright Scholar from India, who had palm reading in his family for centuries, foretold a plot for my life, which I dismissed as unlikely. We met at a chance encounter on a student ship returning to America after my semester in Italy. I sat at a long table next to Ashok Dar, a Fulbright scholar, on his way to Cornell University. We had a fascinating discussion about both of our worlds, during which he mentioned that palm reading had been in his family for centuries. I jokingly asked him to read my palm. He refused, saying he didn’t read palms much anymore. The next night I asked him again, and he still hedged. He added, “palm reading can be dangerous.” On the third night, he agreed.

Ashok warned about many frauds. He prefaced people exaggerate and dramatize to make money, creating tales about the future which are impossible to derive from a palm. For over two hours, he explained aspects of my personality and described future events from my palm. While doing so, he pointed to what he was reading and explained how to read some lines. “Palm reading cannot tell specific events, but can only tell probabilities and age brackets. Over time, predictions can change, with small lines appearing and affecting the outcome.” He said, “Since lines can change, it is dangerous to make predictions, especially if negative.”

His predictions took on an inquisitive dimension throughout my life. I continued to wonder if destiny plays a part in my opportunities. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to make some things happen. Yet, unplanned events converged, making foretold predictions come true. It was as if a destiny was written on the wall.


Book Summary

An astounding true story of a young woman driven by her desire to escape chauvinism blazes a whirlwind path full of mystical encounters and unexpected adventures. From love to lawsuits, her business and personal life intertwine, bringing her to untold heights. Uncanny predictions at a chance encounter with a Fulbright Scholar from India follow her throughout life, as if written on the wall and fated to happen.

Chauvinism from her youth make her determined to explore opportunities. She breaks through a glass ceiling of seventy men, enjoys traveling for a year, and returns to found an innovative startup in New York City. Whether skiing the powdery snow in Aspen, or waking up on a beach in Mexico to men with machine guns, each adventure brings challenges and insights to add to an ever-broadening awareness. A lucky break merges with swirling thoughts to ignite a new business. Running a successful startup attracts ADWEEK Magazine of New York. She places first on their list of “The Dynamic Dozen.” It should have been smooth sailing, but sharks were circling. A court battle followed.

Entertaining and inspirational stories are told from pivotal times in history. Readers gain skills about life and business. The narrative will make you laugh at humanity, provoke anger at infuriating situations and leave you inspired to reach goals. Stimulating questions are raised, which will generate a deeper introspection.

Publisher: Hammond Publishing (August 2019)

ISBN-10: 1733319638

ISBN-13: 978-1733319638


Print Length: 293 pages

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About the Author

Marilyn Howard broke through the glass ceiling at Grey Advertising of New York to become their first female art director while in her early twenties. In 1970, she founded an innovative startup. Creative Freelancers Inc. became the first agency to connect businesses with freelance artists and writers, and operated for over 25 years in the center of Manhattan. ADWEEK Magazine of New York featured her in “The Dynamic Dozen,” those women under forty they identified as most likely to succeed. In 1997, her company became the first agency on the Internet. The author holds a B.F.A. from Syracuse University.

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