My Mother Would Hate This Book – a must read!

Yep, the title really is My Mother Would Hate This Book, and I assure you, whether or not the author’s mother would hate it, you won’t.

I met Marcia Seligson over forty years ago when we both worked on the Los Angeles World Hunger Event – a program held at the Bonaventure Hotel on May 3, 1980 to raise awareness and hopefully end hunger in our lifetimes. I was one of the many volunteers. Marcia was the creator and producer who brought in a hundred or so other volunteers and the three hundred participants from all walks of life to participate, including Jeff Bridges, Harry Chapin, Dennis Banks, Joanne Woodward, Buffy St Marie, Harvey Korman and many others! The event was a huge success mainly because of Marcia’s long list of contacts, her producing ability, and her dedication to the work.

When Marcia recently asked me to read her new book and write a review I was delighted and very intrigued. I am the author of a memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On, and felt I had the expertise to do that job. It is my pleasure to help Marcia get her story out to the world.

My Mother Would Hate This Book

Here’s my review that will hopefully entice you to preorder it, starting today. You’ll receive your copy on August 29. And once you’ve read it, don’t forget to write your own five-star review.

After reading Marcia Seligson’s new memoir, My Mother Would Hate This Book, I felt like I had just ended a long conversation with an intimate new friend. Marcia’s writing is so open and personal and humorous, I couldn’t put her book down. And when it was finished, I wanted more. I found things we have in common, and I wanted to find more.

Marcia has written about a life well lived – about her forty-year loving marriage with Tom, being an accomplished journalist, pianist and musical theater producer, and the joys she had traveling multiple times to Africa, singing with John Denver, having long conversations with Mother Teresa and working on a book with Steven Spielberg.

But these adventures are not the highlights for me. I devoured her words about her love of food, her abortions and what she thinks of the recent Roe versus Wade decision, her sex life, her Jewishness and her famous Passover Seders, and that she never had a desire to have children. These are honest and important words.

I can’t tell you enough – read them. My Mother Would Hate This Book is a memoir, a life story, an intimate account that must be read.



  1. Fantastic post! Thank you sooo much!

  2. Joyce Goldberg says

    Sound great…hopefully it will also come out in Audible!

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