My life changed in an instant

cartoon_office_woman_CoolClips_cart0547I started my long-awaited consulting job this past Wednesday and with that my life’s daily routines  changed in an instant.

I get up more than an hour earlier so I’ll have enough time to workout before I have to be at work at 7:30 am!!!! Also, the amount of time I have to train for the Boston Overnight walk in June has been cut in half.

I drive to work rather than walk downstairs to my home office.

I need to be dressed in business clothes with makeup on rather than in my grubbies and no makeup when I work at home.

I haven’t watched any television for the last several days I sure miss my daily dose of Jeopardy nor have I read one word of any of the books stacked on my beside table.

But most important of all, most of my writing time has been snatched away. So far I’m clinging to daily journaling usually right before I go to sleep, but my other writing has stopped. I was going great with the April Poem A Day prompts until this week. Though the prompts stopped on April 30 I still have four left to write to. Also, I fear my blogging here will also dwindle.

But one good thing about the work I do helping engineers in the aerospace business write a proposal there will be an end to it, and I’ll be back to my normal writing routine about the first of July.

So please forgive if you see less of me here for a while. I have a few guest posts scheduled in the next couple of months so there won’t be total silence, and I’ll try to write a post when I can.

Here’s a few more poems with prompts I wrote during the April PAD quick, unedited, but at least I kept my fingers moving during April poetry month until last Wednesday, that is.

Write a science poem. Your poem could be about science in a general sense, but you can also latch onto a specific field or story. Maybe write a poem about the scientific method, or juxtapose science against another idea like love, war, or cuisine. Remember: Science is the springboard; which way you jump is up to you.

You’d think my husband,
a rocket scientist, and I,
a writer with a degree in English,
wouldn’t mesh at all

However, we worked together for years
in the aerospace industry.
He’d advise engineers and scientists what to write about
I’d teach them how to write down the words.

We were a perfect match,
Sharples squared they’d call us,
as we’d lead them to successfully
win contracts worth billions.

    Write a what you are poem, or¦

    Write a what you are not poem.

I’m Hugo’s godmother
all 17 months
and over 35 pounds of him.
I picked him up today
for a photo
and he was quite a load,
but I could just eat up his cheeks
and stare into his big blue eyes

Write a nature poem. For many poets, the first thing that may pop to mind includes birds, trees, waterfalls, rivers, and such. But there’s also human nature, nature vs. nurture, and other things natural, including natural selection and being a natural at something. Let your nature take it where it will today.

My father became a naturalized U.S.citizen in 1911
my mother in 1922.
They were lucky
not stay in Eastern Europe
many more years.
They never gave Hitler’s assassins
a chance to deprive them
of coming over to the U.S.
at all

Write a historic poem. It could be a poem about a landmark event, specific battle, an era in time, or whatever you consider a historic happening.

Flap talk, was all the rage in the 1920s,
the days of speakeasies, dance halls
and risque short skirts.
Airdales were homely men,
berries described something great
and a flap was a girl.
One of my favorite flap-talk expressions
was Fire Extinguisher
given to the chaperone that had to roam
the dance floor to make sure
the hoppers, the word for dancers,
didn’t move in too close.

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