My hair woes

Strands of my hair accumulate on my bathroom counter, on the floor, on the window sill, in the sink, on my clothes, stuck on my toiletries bottles, and sometimes even in my toothbrush and in my mouth. But, it is most visible on my brush every time it touches my diminishing head of hair.

Many years ago, while traveling in Europe I noticed my hair was shedding quite a bit. I went to the pharmacy in the town we were visiting, and the pharmacist recommended biotin. Biotin seemed to work then. It also helped grow and strengthen my finger nails. I’ve been taking that vitamin product ever since.

Is stress the cause of hair shedding?

Then about three years ago I noticed another bout of shedding hair. It looked like my brush had more hair on it after I dried it. I asked my dermatologist for advice, and her first question was: did I have a particularly stressful experience nine months before. My answer was a definite yes. She recommended women’s Rogaine 5% foam. She didn’t have much faith in the shampoo, conditioner and revitalizing spritz I was currently using to strengthen my hair – because they didn’t have the right chemicals. As she recommended, I switched to minoxidil, but continued to use my other hair strengthening products as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a wonderful result. Plus, I didn’t like the minoxidil nightly routine and the way I had to apply it. So, I began to look for other products and how I could change my life to help stop my hair from shedding.

What I did to try to combat my shedding problem

I’ve always been a believer in eating healthy and I found that was important to healthy hair. Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep is also recommended. Though I do drink a lot of water every day, my sleep habits are not so good. I don’t seem to have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep through the night is the problem. Maybe my frequents nap during the day make up for continues sleep during the night.

My hair professional, who I’ve been going to for about twenty years, says even though I’m shedding a lot, she doesn’t see any bald spots. That gives me some hope, though I see thinning hair right above my forehead. Since she knows my hair so well, I’ve taken her recommendation to wash and brush my hair less. And not to touch or pull at it so much. As a result, I now wash my hair only twice a week. That also lessons the amount of time I subject it to heat – another thing that causes hair to become dry and brittle and fall out.

I’ve also looked into the Kerotin vitamin product. It has biotin, folic acid, vitamin B6, zinc, and a long list of other essential nutrients. Taking a vitamin product that works from the inside out instead of putting a chemical onto my hair every night is much more in keeping with my life style.

I’ve seen some results

Now that I’ve been taking the Kerotin vitamin twice a day for over a month, I can see a slight difference in the amount of hair loss I’m experiencing. I wouldn’t say the hair loss is greatly improved yet, but I do think I’m seeing a lesser amount around my house and car and on my clothes, and especially in my brush.

I look forward to giving you an update in the next month or so, after I combine the vitamin with Kerotin’s shampoo, conditioner, and argon oil that have just arrived. Right now, I have a feeling I’ll be happy with the results.  Having a positive attitude helps too!


  1. I’ll be interested in hearing your results. My daughter, as a hair stylist for 20 years, found her own hair thinning and not growing as it had in the past. She was alarmed because she’s only 40 years old and also needs to epitomize the best in beautiful hair to her clients.

    A few months later, she discovered an array of products called Monat, which is a new company whose products were tested for several years before they were put on sale. They are completely natural (without silicone) and promote growth. I’ve been using them since Nov. and have experienced more thickness and growth.
    Just in case your products don’t end up satisfying you, you might want to try Monat shampoos & conditioners, etc., which are sold privately. I hope, though, that you’ve found what you need.
    Kas Sartori

    • Madeline Sharples says

      Dear Kas, Thanks so much for sharing about your daughter’s hair and your success with Monat. I very much appreciate knowing about products that work. Though I’m experiencing less shedding right now, I’d like to see some more thickness and growth. So, I plan to try my product for another month or two, and then switch if I’m not satisfied.
      I love that my blog post has created this kind of dialogue. I’m so glad to see you here.

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