March small stones

Another month of small stones, and I’m still going strong. We called March:

Mad March

  1. A gorgeous day in La La Land with temperatures near 70 degrees. However, more rain yes yet      again is on the horizon. Do you think I’ll have to get a rain check at the car wash?
  2. It’s all about the color of paint and that March is maddening. My husband doesn’t know much about colors, and as a result our downstairs bathroom got painted an off-white creamy color instead of a pure unadulterated white. I can wait until it’s fixed.
  3. A weekend off and after that one or two more days left of my consulting job. It’s time for catching up on sleep and a celebration.
  4. We saw an important movie tonight: I Am Not Your Negro, a documentary about James Baldwin, a black activist in the 1940s to 1960s. Unfortunately, the treatment of blacks in America has not changed much for the better since then.
  5. Finally the rain came as predicted. And before we knew it a full-blown sun came out. I love the wishy-washy weather attitude.
  6. My day job ended today. I’m all smiles because we produced a good product. Now I’m ready to dig in on all the work I’ve left undone at home.
  7. One day post work and I’m still on the treadmill. Responding to emails, reviewing editorial notes, and then beginning my rewrite. That looks like it will take forever. No wonder I decided to take a job rather than dive right in.
  8. International Women’s Day. The wearing of red. Another attempt to show the equal power of women.
  9. I’m plugging through my editor’s copious notes on my novel. I keep asking myself, should I keep on keeping on? I need some major encouragement. (Please excuse the familiar theme, but that’s what’s on my mind lately.)
  10. We spent two days in Paso Robles in late March

    A gorgeous day, perfect for a little walk around my beach town, while looking for my lunch date’s shocking blue car.

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing Eugene O’Neil’s play revival, Long Day’s Journey into Night, a play in four acts tonight. I saw it last in Chicago when I was in high school. I remember it was a very long sit.
  12. Murky air, fog, fine droplets, and a bit of a chill. And it isn’t even June gloom yet.
  13. A good writing day. Now it’s time to go grocery shopping. Not my favorite thing, that’s for sure.
  14. Lunch out with a friend. Dinner out with my husband. This is a fun and filling day.
  15. With old friends for a delicious lunch today at a favorite restaurant. Always a delight. Always the question, why don’t we see more of you?
  16. Foggy in the morning, brilliant and warm in the afternoon, and now a bright sun on its way down shining right in my eyes as I write.
  17. No I didn’t wear green today. But I wouldn’t have minded a plate of corned beef and cabbage. Back in the day when I ate red meat corned beef was a fave.
  18. We saw A Sense of An Ending last night. I liked it. My husband didn’t. But I recommend you go for it. The cast and acting are great.
  19. And today we saw the opera Salome. What a witch she was. No wonder Herod said, Kill that woman!
  20. I just donated. Please join me in supporting the World Food Program – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian agency and the only one dedicated to eradicating hunger from the planet.
  21. It’s raining in sunny southern California again. And again I welcome it. We’ve needed it for so long, we can never get enough. No singing, Rain, rain go away. Come again another day, today.
  22. It’s almost time to watch the news. I always ask myself if I should bother since the news is always so depressing. Yet, I go for it anyway. I guess I’m hooked.
  23. I’m going to be TV free for two days. Instead I’m watching the blades of grass sway with the wind and little birds perch on the leaves, while sipping my red zin.
  24. I walked during a short rainfall this afternoon. It didn’t bother me. I kept trudging on.
  25. I saw the color green in the hills today that reminded me of the color green in Technicolor movies. Vivid, sharp, and bright touched with the light of the sun.
  26. A big long walk calmed me down today. I never can get my life together unless I exercise in some way everyday.
  27. It’s always good to go out-of-town for a few days, but always much better coming home.
  28. We’ve moved to the guest room while a new floor is being installed in our own room. The bed is much smaller and we keep bumping into each other in the night. Is that a good thing or bad? Well, you tell me.
  29. And back to our Manhattan Beach pier

    It’s hard to believe this month is about over. I look forward to April and spring and the end of the rains and the beginning of long walks on the Strand.

  30. One pink azalea looks toward the laughing Buddha in my garden. The rest of the plant is full of buds.
  31. We’re taking our daughter-in-law out for a belated birthday dinner and movie tonight. She picked Get Out. Hope it’s good.

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