Long lost lava lamp

My lava lamp
Is working again,
Its orange ball
Moves slightly
In the lamp’s bright
Interior liquid.
I bought it
Years ago
In memory of Paul
He had one,
So I needed one too,
To sit on my
Office desk in
A room where he
Was my muse.
But the lamp broke,
And wasn’t fixed
Until yesterday.
It feels like a gift
From the past.


Lava lamp information

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Lava lamps of several different colors

An original Mathmos Astro lava lamp

lava lamp is a decorative lamp, invented in 1963 by British entrepreneur Edward Craven Walker, the founder of the lighting company Mathmos. The lamp consists of a bolus of a special coloured wax mixture inside a glass vessel, the remainder of which contains clear or translucent liquid. The vessel is placed on a box containing an incandescent light bulb whose heat causes temporary reductions in the density of the wax and surface tension of the liquid. As the warmed wax rises through the surrounding liquid, it cools, loses its buoyancy, and falls back to the bottom of the vessel in a cycle that is visually suggestive of pāhoehoe lava, hence the name. The lamps are designed in a variety of styles and colours.


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