Linda Lee Kane is our Choices guest today

Linda Lee Kane, author of fantasies, thrillers, and contemporary fiction works, joins us today while on her WOW! Women on Writing virtual book tour to celebrate the re-release of The Black Madonna A Pope’s Deadly Obsession.

Before discussing her intriguing book, Linda shares about her life as a writer and some advice about how to publish our writing.

Life as a Writer

by Linda Lee Kane

The same commitment you brought to writing your novel will be critical when facing the publishing world. For beginning writers, the publication can be a difficult path.

The steps to publication involve finding an agent, working with an agent to sell your novel to a publisher, working with a publisher to prepare your book for launch, and marketing your book. This process can take years. Self-publishing is another option. You’ll cut out the agent and publisher, and produce and sell a book on your own. It may be a quicker route to publication, but it still requires a lot of work. In either case, you switch from being a writer (which I enjoy) to becoming a writer and a business person.

For a lot of newly-published authors, promoting your novel means committing your own time and resources. You may have to find your own opportunities, which means seeking out books-stores, libraries, radio shows, and book clubs that can spread the word about your novel. You may have to make appearances and do your own preparation work for book signings and talks.

Building a readership takes time, and you might have to write a few novels before you begin to see returns on the work that you’ve done, I encourage you to build a team that believes in you. Find an agent and an editor who are passionate about your writing. Most importantly, commit to the process of creating a readership.


Book Summary

Luci de Foix was nine when her parents were killed in a car accident. But was it an accident? Unbeknownst to Luci, a group known as The Order, under the protection of the Pope, has been watching her family for many years, waiting for the day that a diary written in the thirteenth century would be delivered to her family-a journal that contains a key to a lost codex-and they would do anything to get it. Early one morning, when Luci is twenty-nine, a bloodied young man delivers a book, claiming it’s from her late grandparents.

Plagued by panic attacks that have left her crippled, Luci struggles to overcome her fears, avenge the death of their family, and search for the lost codex. But who can she trust? Everyone seems intent on betraying her, even the gorgeous, enigmatic Max, a man with secrets of his own.

Print Length: 210 Pages
Genre: Historical Mystery
Publisher: Dark Rose Press
Black Madonna is now available to purchase on AmazoniTunesKOBO, and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author

Linda Lee Kane is an author of fantasies, thrillers, and contemporary fiction works. She is the author of Death on the VineChilled to the Bones and an upcoming re-release of the The Black Madonna ‘A Popes Deadly Obsession’. She lives with her husband, two dogs,  and seven horses in California.  “Whether I am writing for adults or children, the war between my days and nights is reflected in my books. Although the tendency to acknowledge the light and dark sides of life is often disguised in my work, it’s always there, lurking just out of sight.”

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