Life through poetry

I’m still writing a  poem everyday. One that takes ten minutes or less to write. Thought I’d share a couple here today, and I’d love your feedback.

Here’s yesterday’s poem:

This day, December 17,
Sixty years ago
I got married.
Wearing a short white dress
With three/quarter sleeves
And a tiny veil,
I said my vows to Carl Kress,
My first husband.
I knew for sure
The night before
As I cried myself
To sleep
That this marriage would fail.
But I went through
With it anyway.
That day was a beautiful
And happy day,
But as soon as it
Turned into night
At the Beverly Hills Hotel
My happiness with that man
Was over for good.

I wish I could find a photo of that dress, but unfortunately I cannot- perhaps as a sign that that was an event to forget about. Here’s a dress kind of like it.

I recently finished Sue Monk Kidd’s The Book of Longings about a fictional wife of Jesus. Here’s the poem I wrote about it.

The question today is
Did Jesus have a wife?
And if he did
Would it have changed humanity?
Yes, to both I say
He was a young Jewish man
Expected to marry and multiply
And make a living for his family
Not go out and pick fights
With the Romans
Except to protect those he loved.
He was a man –
At least in my mind
Who loved humanity
Who loved people
Who could speak their own minds
And who had a wife
Who could take care of herself
When he went off
To become Christ.

And one more – about my usual mood:

People always ask
How are you
And I usually respond
I’m okay. Just okay?
They ask
And I say, Yes,
I can’t get above okay.
That’s how my life is
It’s lonely
It’s pointless
It’s void of a lot
Of people to love.
So it’s just okay.
I have a nice
Place to live
I’ve made wonderful friends
And I keep kind of busy
With writing and reading.
But right now
It’s like I’m going
Around in circles
With no stopping point
No place to land
No one to hold me
And give me a comfortable
Place to carry on.

Wish I could say, everything is getting better. It’s not. At least not yet.


  1. Maureen Miller says

    I LOVE the variety and honesty of your poems/stories. The three subjects are so different they could have been written by three different people, but they have your pithy style.

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