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Jackie Rod, author of Georgia Stories On My Mind, is visiting us while on her Wow! Women On Writing tour. Please give her a huge welcome.

Choices is especially pleased Jackie has shared her experience and expertise in marketing on social media. I know I very much need that kind of advice in marketing my own books. Here’s Jackie.

Marketing on Social Media

by Jackie Rod

Every writer needs an online presence, a platform.

Having an online presence provides opportunities to engage directly with readers.

Be consistent with your posts on social media. When you post regularly, your readers can see and engage with you. Post at different times of the day to increase the number of viewers who will see your message.

Comment on the posts you are tagged in. It could be a simple thank you.

When you make readers feel appreciated, they will likely become social media friends.

You are building relationships with others online across miles, building a tribe. Your tribe can help push you over the finish line of success.

Be personal, write like you’re conversing. Continue to build your email list. These personal connections will be the wind beneath your wings. Friends’ email lists sell books. However, not every email should be about selling.

Add visuals, pics of a book signing, a day at the beach, or a family holiday gathering.

Social media is not mass marketing, an ongoing commercial to talk about your book/books.

Be a cheerleader for others. Engage with fellow readers and writers. Be authentic, add value with good content rather than noise.

Build an online library, subscribe to relevant blogs, find valuable social media accounts, and compile a list of online resources.  Be sure to focus on the subjects that match your interests.

Edie Melson is a social media guru with two million followers. Check out her blog, thewriteconservation.blogspot.com. It’s an invaluable resource.

She recommends a Marketing Triad of Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.

A blog improves your writing and helps you learn to meet a deadline. Followers become friends.

Facebook allows you to stay in touch with friends and add more friends. They are the basis for your online interaction and foundation in the future.

Twitter allows you to make valuable comments on a subject without being a time killer. With 280 characters, you get your message out to the world. Bingo.

You might add others; LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you use multiple sites, I would suggest schedule management. Buffer schedules while Hootsuite schedules, monitors, and analyzes.

LinkedIn is geared toward business in general, but it is a good place to market your book.

Instagram is growing with a younger audience. It is casual and entertaining, a good place to add to your tribe. Have lots of photos handy.

Pinterest allows you to share more visual works.

Overall a well-developed social media plan or platform will be the arsenal for marketing. Build excitement about an upcoming book. Create a buzz through your social media connections. The world is waiting to read your unique story.


Thank you for such great advice, Jackie.

About Georgia Stories On My Mind

Come visit Georgia within these pages as you read heartwarming stories shaped by local traditions and legends. The characters live life to the fullest through joys and hardships. Inhale the essence of Georgia’s revitalized small town squares while eating hand-scooped ice cream on a park bench. Each town has its own magic. Sometimes the most real things in life are things we cannot see but those that deeply touch us, as the folks in these tales learn. Share smiles and shed tears as you travel the curving road of life with these Georgia characters. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience of hope, faith, trust, reconciliation, and love?

Print Length: 259 Pages
Genre: Short Story Anthologies
Publisher: Touch Not the Cat Books
Georgia Stories On My Mind is available to purchase on Amazon.com.

About the Author, Jackie Rod

“A good book transports me to another time and place. It lets me feel the sensation of heroes and heroines— dark loneliness, deep passion, a father’s pride and a mother’s grief.” Jackie Rod is a fiction writer, loving wife of a legal beagle, and mother of three children who have blessed her with seven fantastic grandchildren. After Jackie retired from teaching, her love of words and stories led her to begin writing fiction. Reading and traveling enrich her life and she jumps at the opportunity to teach a workshop or attend a writing conference. She belongs to five writing chapters/groups. Jackie’s work can be found in twelve published books on Amazon, in several Metro Atlanta libraries, and independent bookstores.

You can find Jackie at:

www.LinkedIn/com/in/jackie-rod-32bba255 www.Pinterest.com/JackieRod




  1. Great post. Jackie knows the ropes and shares her knowledge regularly with our local writinng group.

  2. Thanks again for inviting me to post on your blog, Madeline. Love, love, love your website.
    You are a precious soul.

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