July Journeys – small stones yet again

In July we were asked to write small stones about our journeys. That put me in a bind, since I don’t like to announce on social media when I’m traveling. It turns out we did travel in July – to Chicago, Green Lake WI, New York City, and Washington DC, but none of my July small stones refer to that trip at all.

I must say it was a great trip – one for seeing friends and family. We also went to the Art Institute to see Gaugin, Millennium Park, the Yale art museum, the Morgan Library, the Modern Museum of Art, a couple of great New York plays, and a most special adventure – a visit to the new National Museum of African American Culture on Constitution Avenue in DC.

Since I’m working part time this month and taking a writing class, I’ve decided to take a little break from small stone writing. I’m happy I was able to keep it up for eleven months. For sure I’ll get back into it when the rest of my life relaxes a bit.

In the meantime, here are my July small stones, called July Journeys.

1.         It’s a sad sack of a day. Chilly, sunless, gray, and calm. Perfect for a long walk to the beach.

2.        Last night a movie, tonight a play. Culture invades my life. I love it.

3.         Busy today, almost too busy to write. But, I always find time to tap on my keyboard just a bit. Please join me.

4.         I’ve been reading the poetry of Charles Bukowski so I can write poems like his for my writing class. That’s a big tall order.

5.         A found poem from a Pesca menu of marinated fresh fish dishes: Peruvian Ceviche with striped bass and sweet potato chips; Tamari Poke with salmon, seaweed and jalapeno, and Ahi Sashimi with veggies, wasabi and sesame seeds. So good and like being on a huge adventure.

6.         I’ve cut about 1660 words out of the first third or 108 pages of my novel. If I keep up this pace, I’ll whittle it down about 5,000 words total. At least that’s my goal.

7.         Just read an article about Daphne du Maurier in the New York Times. I never knew she wrote the short story “The Birds,” which was the basis of Alfred Hitchcock’s film. Time to revisit all her work.

8.        Writing poems in the Bukowski still is so hard. He was a master poet. But I’ll keep working on it.

9.         A beautiful day for visiting with old friends. One, a little sarcastic and demeaning, means well and has a good sense of humor. I’ve decided just to humor him.

10.      I saw spectacular today: a wide sandy beach, deep blue water rippling to shore, and graying clouds hovering above, ready to take over the sky.

11.       Birds chirping, lawn movers buzzing, dogs barking, and TV news blaring. Somehow these sounds don’t go together.

12.       I watched a movie today The Big Sick that scared me because its themes are so much like those in my novel in progress. Is that a good sign or bad?

13.       I walked in a slow, light, and cool drizzle today what we in California call a fake rain. Still it was a nice break from the heat and humidity.

14.       A day when nothing seemed to go right. I’m looking forward to waking up to a new day.

15.       I’m going through a period of catching up with old friends. Today I met with Janet, after not seeing her for quite some time. But as usual, we picked up just where we left off. I love when that happens.

16.       It’s hot, so hot. And yet, sometimes, I can work the weather and still keep sane, happy and cool.

17.       I just finished listening to the audio version of A Man Called Ove, by Fredrick Backman. It is a real July Journey well worth the time.

18.       I’ve spent a lot of time walking lately. And I’m encouraging my husband to get back out there with me. He is doing so much better as a result.

19.       We visited with my husband’s sister today. She is thirteen years younger than him, yet their bond is unbreakable.

20.       I am constantly reminded that grief is a life sentence. There is no cure, no remedy, no magic bullet to get rid of it. I wish all my dear friends to be aware, and not feel guilty or blame themselves.

21.       Tomorrow is my beautiful son’s 43rd birthday. Do I need to say more?

22.       A mostly gray day – a good day for making to do lists, and generally catching up.

23.       We finished our son’s birthday dinner last night sharing a piece of PF Chang’s Great Wall of Chocolate cake. There are no words. You have to try it yourselves.

24.       I started a new consulting job today to edit a technical document. Brings me right back to the roots of my career.

25.       My friend’s mother died this week. We are sad and glad at the same time. She was 97 and so ready to go. I wish her a safe and loving journey.

26.       The room where I work is so cold, my fingers turn numb. Should I quit? What do you think?

27.        I’ve gone back to one of my first writing teachers. My assignment is to write poems like Charles Bukowski. What fun!

28.       A funeral, a memorial service, a celebration of life. Whatever you call it, it’s still sad.

29.       After a 6:30 breakfast at our local coffee shop with our favorite young family, I took a two-hour walk along the beach. It doesn’t get any better than this.

30.       A busy day: working out, writing, and editing. No Sunday day of rest for me.

31.       I’m sad about the death of Sam Shepard, a brilliant writer and actor. He died of ALS. a tortuous disease. Someone once described it like living in a coffin. Three people in my life succumbed to it. We’ve got to get that number down and find a cure.

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