January small stones

I’ve been faithfully writing my small stones every day – even though my time has been limited the past few weeks. I took on a consulting job three weeks ago back working at my old day job – helping engineers write and produce a proposal to the U.S. Government. It’s always interesting and fulfilling and very busy, but doesn’t come close to the pleasure I feel when I’m doing my creative work. I’m happy to say the job will be over on February 21.

That said, here are my January Gems – my daily attempt at writing a short piece every day of the month. They aren’t meant to be masterpieces. Just a way to jump-start my writing for the day.

January Gems

  1. Happy New Year everyone. I love that we’re still keeping up with our small stones. Let’s make 2017 a great writing year.
  2. The floats in the Rose Parade are spectacular. They’re getting more elaborate and tech-y every year.
  3. After our recent heavy rains, it’s gotten unseasonably cold here in southern California. But not so cold that I can see my breath.
  4. I snapped this photo while waiting for the light to change late yesterday afternoon. Looking out rather than down at my iPhone has some advantages.
  5. It’s raining again and more is predicted for Saturday. And no, I’m not complaining. We need to beat this drought whatever way we can.
  6. As inauguration day gets closer I am becoming more scared. As a poet I need to write more to get into my calming and healing place.
  7. I just ate a perfectly ripened half an avocado for lunch. What a treat!
  8. Resting, relaxing, reading the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. It’s the best of Sundays.
  9. I love the movies. That said, I went to three this weekend. A great way to spend glum, gloomy, gray afternoons.
  10. My husband is resting after his second epidural to arrest the pain in his lumbar spine. I work at the table near him.
  11. Bright sunshine reflected on the wet ground makes a mirror image.
  12. We turned off our garden watering system yesterday and won’t turn it on again for two or three months. That’s how wet our ground is now. Yay!
  13. The Hollywood sign was right in my view this morning as I drove north. I’m always amazed at how powerful it looks.
  14. Full sun today after days of rain. We’re back in a southern California kind of mode.
  15. It’s hard to set the newspapers aside today. Too many remembrances from 2016 and reminders of what’s to come in 2017.
  16. Rather than write something myself today, here’s a poem to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. day. I, Too, by Langston Hughes
  17. On a whim I went to a new shop for a manicure. Anthony, age 31, did my nails. The best result so far.
  18. It looks like I’ll be starting a consulting job tomorrow that will last about a month. How will I find the time to write my small stones and work on my other writing projects? Stay tuned.
  19. Huddled over the computer and attending meetings on this first day of work, I was rewarded by welcoming friends and former colleagues happy to see me again.
  20. I felt lucky to be at work today nowhere near a radio, television, or the internet. I was in mourning for my country and the world.
  21. Incredible, inspiring, crowded, eye-opening. The Women’s (non-violent protest) March in Los Angeles 750,000 people strong will probably never be recognized or mentioned by our new president.
  22. I’m still basking in the glory of yesterday’s Women’s March. But our real work is yet to begin.
  23. It’s almost bedtime, and I’m ready for it. I’m weary from a long day at work mousing around at the computer screen.
  24. Watching a documentary about Rachel Carson. She must be turning over in her grave over the way our new president is treating the Environmental Protection Agency. Call me angry and scared.
  25. Working has some advantages hugging old friends. But now at home, sipping some wine, winding down after a nine-hour day, I know I’d rather stay here.
  26. Free for three days. In celebration, I’m going to write a poem. What better way to let it all hang out.
  27. A very much-needed day of rest, Pilates, writing, going on a couple errands, and seeing a movie and having dinner with my husband. What more could I ask for on a day off?
  28. A gorgeous bright day here in Southern California and even warming up a bit too. It looks like the rains have stopped but not before leaving us drought-free. Hallelujah!
  29. Today I started doing my part in the fight for women’s rights. The key is to elect more women to local and national offices. We are 51 percent of the country. We need to be 51 percent of our elected officials.
  30. After a long day at work, I still made a colorful plate of food: vivid and tender green beans, orange sweet potatoes, red ripe cherry tomatoes, and a piece of white sautéed trout all nicely nestled together on a plate inherited from my mother.
  31. The last day, and I remember a boy I knew in Chicago whose birthday is January 31. I feel sorry for his mother because the boy/man ended up in jail. Time to move on to a brand-new month.


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