It’s all about win-win

What an honor that Marla Miller, one of my favorite people, invited me to join a panel discussion yesterday as part of her Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference afternoon workshop. I’ve known Marla for a year or so, at first virtually. I think she found and made a comment on one of my articles at More Magazine online. Then we became Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn friends, and now I see her occasionally at Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society events. In person. She has been super supportive of me and my book. She invited me to be guest on her blog, Marketing the Muse, and posted my video on her wonderful Women Over 45: Speak site.

So when she asked I didn’t hesitate. A ninety-mile drive back and forth to Santa Barbara from my home in Manhattan Beach. No problem. Like we said at the end of the workshop yesterday, it’s all about win-win.

Plus I got to meet three other wonderful women who were on the panel with me. Sheri Fink spoke about being a self-published children’s book writer with two number one books for sale on Amazon already, Gale Carline who writes mysteries (also self-published) and humor columns, and Jennifer Aderhold who is creating a site called BeA intended to help the entrepreneurial author create the writing business and author’s brand they have always dreamed of having. And of course Marla kept the conversation moving and the questions coming from workshop attendees.

Jennifer, Gayle, and Sheri (from the top)

Marla’s the one with the same hair color as mine

Our topic for the afternoon was platform building and marketing strategies. We all shared our own views and experiences and got a lot of feedback from our audience.

And Lisa Angle of Ninety Degrees Media served as videographer. Marla promises to send us all a video of the afternoon’s events. I’ll post it as soon as I get it. Then you’ll see and hear the details.


  1. Kudos again, Madeline. I love seeing you out there in a ‘front-runner’ kind of space 🙂 That’s my view from here! Look forward to hearing the panel discussion at some point. Have a great day..perhaps some down time? xoxo

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