Is my marketing program beginning to pay off?

So, it looks like there’s been a little movement in my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On, Amazon sales ranking this week. It went down from as high as in the one millions to the 700,000s earlier this week, and back up to the one millions again and down to the 300,000s today. Does that mean two books have sold? I have no clue what those numbers mean.

But hopefully all that has been going on in the last few weeks has spurred some sales: my talk at the American Association of University Women in mid November, Marla Miller (Marketing the Muse) highlighting my platform earlier this week and posting my July 19, 2010 blog piece about my journey to getting published yesterday, my showcase on The Hamilton Gallery with links to Amazon for book purchases, and another five-star review
up on Amazon yesterday. It’s really been a yeasty time.

Plus I’ve had more and more Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter connections, and I look forward to a piece about my work and book in a future issue of the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services newsletter. I’ll be interviewed for that a week from Monday.

I just find that I spend much too much time worrying about sales ranks and all the other social networking I’m doing to try to interest people in buying my book.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve taken steps to be hired as a proposal consultant again. Working on a proposal for a couple of months could take my attention away from what’s on my personal network pages and give my life a better balance.

Paul, four years old


  1. What was your experience with Marla Miller like? Was she pleasant and professional?

    I came across her on another site and asked what she published and if any of the people she helped had success. ( She responded negatively and implied I’m a “hateful” “snarker”. I’m confused and insulted and want to tell my friends “stay away from this nasty person” cuz for the life of me can’t figure out what I said in my first post that set her off. The blog owner thought my questions ok. Do you? Am I carelessly missing something?


  2. Books are one of the items that take a lot more effort to sell. Also, it takes marketing plans some time to see if they’re working. I believe your online networks will have a great impact on your sales soon.

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