Introducing The Decision by Kevin Hart

Mental health and fitness have always been an important themes of this Choices blog. Today we introduce The Decision by Kevin Hart, who has a lot to say about that subject. Please welcome him now.

A Review of The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success by Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is hands-down one of the most successful entertainers of all time.

His rise to fame began in Philadelphia’s hardcore stand-up comedy scene. Through appearances in clubs, television shows, and his own social accounts, Hart established himself not just as a comedian, but also as a motivational speaker and fitness icon. In turn, this has helped expand his entrepreneurial ventures. Recently, a report by The Richest, states that “the busiest man in Hollywood” is even partnering with Nutribolt in a bid to take on the multi-billion dollar sports supplement market.

In addition to his business ventures, Hart’s $200 million net worth has also allowed him to become a regular player at charity poker tourneys. In fact, Hart is even mentioned near the top in a list of the richest card players by – side-by-side with the greatest cardslingers in history by virtue of his staggering wealth and charitable actions. Indeed, Hart’s career has been nothing short of impressive. And while it can be tempting to attribute these accomplishments to the man’s natural charisma and talent, it would be doing a disservice to the hard work that Hart has put into his career over the years.


Juggling the roles of entertainer, philanthropist, fitness icon, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur isn’t easy. And in his new audiobook, The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success, Kevin Hart spills the beans on how he got to where he is today. Published by Audible Originals, the 2021 Audie Awards finalist for Audiobook of the Year is a unique take on motivation to say the least.

Audiobook Synopsis and Review

“This book is dedicated to you.” The Decision is nearly six hours of practical lessons on mental fitness from a real self-made millionaire – in the comedic style of one of the most successful stand-ups of all time. Using jokes and his comedic cadence to punctuate – and sometimes soften – the blows of hard truths, Hart sets a conversational tone for what is essentially a very thorough mental fitness course.

Part I, II, and III: Is a heartfelt look back at the roots of Hart’s fantastic work ethic. Here, he drives home the importance of never taking your foot off the pedal, and how self-acceptance is the essence of mental strength. “The only time you should ever look back in life is to see how far you’ve come.” Explaining the value of the self-pep-talk, Hart gives listeners useful questions for maintaining performance. This includes motivational gems such as “What is my endgame?” and “When I die, what will other people say about me?”

Parts IV to V: This section’s filled with advice for everyday approaches and practices to build mental fitness. Alongside good nutrition, this includes ensuring positive inputs throughout your life, whether in your mindset, your environment, or the company you keep. Hart also details the importance of embracing discomfort and learning to visualize the outcomes you want.

Part VI: Capping off the lessons, Hart clarifies how your life’s end goal shouldn’t be factors like fame, money, or success. Instead, focus on building a life that is meaningful and purposeful. And along the way, learn to enjoy the successes which remind you that you’re on the right path.

Final Thoughts

In one of the sharpest, most straightforward self-help books ever written, Hart bares it all and shares the very secrets of his own success. Whether you’re seeking self-improvement or just looking for something fun or inspiring to do, listening to The Decision is a great way to spend six hours of your day. The next time you’re sipping a Quarantini with nothing to do, Kevin Hart’s hilarious motivational lessons might just be what you need to give you a jolt.

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