In memory: suicide prevention resources

I usually post suicide prevention and mental health resources in December in memory of our son Paul. He would be 43 on his December 31 birthday. This year I’m sharing about the suicide prevention groups I belong to on Facebook. These groups vary in that some are open, secret, or closed. But in all cases they are caring and sensitive to the needs of someone trying to survive the death of a loved one by suicide. If you want to join, just ask, and some kind person in charge will more than likely accept you into the group.

Our son Paul who died in 1999

Our son Paul who died in 1999

I’ve listed these in no particular order except for the first one. I was actively involved with Putting a Face on Suicide as volunteer admin for a couple of years. This organization has been priceless in always remembering our loved ones on their death and birthdays. I look forward to seeing my son’s face on that site on his New Years Eve birthday.

Putting a Face on Suicide – A project that lovingly pays tribute to those lost to suicide. 2792 Faces on Day 29 (Paul’s face first appeared on Day 4.)

~SOLOS~Child Loss – This is a safe, peaceful, non-judgmental, and confidential place for you to share your journey through suicide grief.

S.O.L.E.S. Surviving Our Losses Experienced through Suicide – Team S.O.L.E.S. – This site was created for the AFSP Overnight walks.

Rise Above This: Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention  This site provides a way to reach out to others with kindness and compassion!

One life Bereaved by Suicide – This group supports the heroes… the ones left behind. If you join, you will never have to endure this alone, not anymore.

Families Dealing with Suicide, The Next Chapter – This group aims to support families and individuals who are trying to live on after losing someone they love to suicide, and it does that in a gentle and family like way.

Suicide Loss This group is for survivors of suicide loss to share our experiences in our grief journey

Suicide Survivors The Surviving Project – This is a group of people who are surviving suicide and here to support each other and use this forum as a way to get things off our chest in a SAFE place.

SOS~~Survivors of Suicide – This is a safe place where survivors of suicide can share their grief, loss, pain, stories, ask for prayer or just pray.

A couple of other groups worth mentioning are: Loss of an Adult or Young Adult Child and The Compassionate Friends. Both of these groups provide support to those of us who have lost a child by any means.

I’m sure there other groups like this on Facebook. If you know of one, please mention it in a comment to this post. All of us bereaved by suicide will want to know about it.

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