Important stuff these days

Here are a few things that are happening these days in the form of little poems. I usually write a poem a day  about what’s going on in my life at home and what’s going on with my most unfavorite subject: POTUS. I never spend more than ten minutes on this exercise.

Gofer Girl

My new name is Gofer.
I’m now assisting my husband
Starting first thing in the morning
Until he stretches his body
Out on our bed at night.
He’s injured. He has ruptured
And very painful tendons
In his left ankle and can barely walk.
This thing is, this injury didn’t happen
From a fall or a missed step
Or a turned ankle. His doctor says
It was caused by an antibiotic
Called Fluoroquinolone, which when prescribed
Should have come with a black box warning.
Well, my husband wasn’t warned.
The prescribing doctors just gave him
This antibiotic willy-nilly, seemingly not caring
How everything would turn out.

Just Perfect

His chances of reelection
Are getting worse and worse
With each passing day.
Several Supreme Court
Decisions didn’t go his way,
Yesterday we heard news

The Russians paid the
Taliban in Afghanistan to kill U.S troops
That he claims no knowledge of,
And every day coronavirus cases
Keep climbing.
It’s so bad, the EU doesn’t want
Americans to enter anymore.
Is he doing anything
About any of it? Instead
Of getting to the bottom
Of all our ills and leading
Our crying country
Back to health and prosperity
And good relations with our allies,
He goes out to play golf
Twice this weekend
pretending everything
In our country is perfect.

Small Town Woes

They say perhaps it was the protests
And possibly the giddy
high school senior class
Walking together without masks
On our oceanfront walkway,
Called the Strand,
On their graduation day.
Well, now that the horse
Has left the barn,
Our city council has launched
A wear-your-mask campaign
And will place banners
And signage all over the city.
Betcha it won’t make
One hell of a difference.

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