Honoring Bereaved Parents Month

Thank you, Donna McGrew Anderson, administrator of the Facebook group TCF* – Loss to Suicide and fellow bereaved parent, for posting this in honor of Bereaved Parents Month.

“Even as I rocked on my knees, howling, I detected soft breathing behind the roaring. I leaned in, listened. It was the murmuring of ten million mothers, backward and forward in time and right now, who had lost children. They were lifting me, holding me. They had woven a net of their broken hearts, and they were keeping me safe there. I realized that one day I would take my rightful place as a link in this web, and I would hold my sister-mothers when their children died. For now my only task was to grieve and be cradled in their love.” excerpt from CARAVAN OF NO DESPAIR released by Sounds True.

“Although this piece speaks of Mothers, it applies to all parents who have lost their children. They have an overwhelming need to hold another grieving parent. To hug them, sit with them in the darkness, to say you are not alone. They hold the light high so that those new to the dark place can find their way. They manage to take every broken piece of their heart and give away one little shard at a time to others. To all those holding the lights, thank you. To all those new to the darkness, hold on, find the light and take one step. Big loving broken heart hugs to every parent or grandparent who has lost a big piece of their heart, their world, their child. You are amazing…….. For all my family and friends who know child loss For my new family, my support group in The Compassionate Friends. I couldn’t get everyone tagged, so if I missed you, I’m sorry, speak up, tell me, call me out.” ~Donna McGrew Anderson

*The Compassionate Friends

For more insight on the loss of a child and surviving that loss, please read my memoir:

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