Getting back into the writing groove

Our Grand Canyon adventure and my husband’s healing process have taken me far afield from my writing life. Everything just seemed to stop on November 16. Interesting that I had carefully packed some paper and a pen so I could write a journal entry after my walk down the Grand Canyon that day. Unfortunately I never used them after hearing the news of my husband’s injuries and the challenge I faced in getting back to the rim and to the Flagstaff Medical Center to be with him.

However, in this past week I’ve sat myself down at my writing desk and managed to write a couple of poems in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s poem a day challenge that ended on November 30. And it felt good to poem (as Brewer likes to say) again. I am also putting together a new chapbook that I’ll submit for the Frost Place contest that’s due on January 1.

Though I’m not back to my writing in full force yet as you can see from how long it’s been since I wrote my last post here, I’m getting back slowly.


Here’s the prompt for Day 14, and the little poem I managed to eek out this last week.

  1. Write a dedication poem. Pick someone or something as a subject and dedicate your poem to him, her, it, etc. You may consider titling your poem For Big Foot or To a Purple Push Pin. Heck, you could even write a poem to your former or future self.

To Hillary

I dedicate this poem to Hillary
who worked so damned hard
to win, but she just couldn’t
shake off all the lies
spoken about her by frightened men
who couldn’t trust a woman
to do a president’s job.
She doesn’t look presidential, they said
and turned the stacks against her
even though her opponent
knows a fraction of what
a president’s job is all about.
Hillary, I dedicate this poem to you.
I miss you and wish you well.


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