From good to bad overnight

I’m glad to say this month is over. It’s been an awful one. Of course this summer has been hard for all of us now that the coronavirus is reattacking us, but we’ve had other health issues in our home. Yesterday I had to call the paramedics to take my husband Bob to the hospital. His second time there this month.

And yesterday’s episode was such a shock. Just the day before he was feeling pretty good. He was eating again, able to walk fine with his walker and go up and down the stairs all right, using his cane. And he even had an online conversation with his doctor who said he looked so well, he didn’t have to see him again until October.

When I tried to get him up yesterday and get ready for an in-person doctor’s appointment, he lay there in bed for another hour dozing. I finally had to force him out of bed, and he did manage to get out and use his walker to get to the bathroom. He even gave himself a sponge bath. But afterward it was hard to get him to get dressed. I brought him his clean clothes, but he couldn’t move his feet to get his feet and legs into his underwear and long pants. And during that exercise he kept putting his head down and falling asleep. Finally dressed he walked out of the bathroom and stopped to sit in a chair just inside our bedroom, and he never budged from there.

At first he didn’t want me to cancel his medical appointment, but I didn’t see how I could get him there since he still wasn’t moving. Finally he agreed I should call and cancel. The doctor got on the phone and suggested I call the paramedics – a good idea.

At least eight people came over. They took some vitals and maneuvered Bob down the front steps, onto the gurney, and into the ambulance and off they went. And I haven’t seen him since. The hospital where he is won’t let any visitors in the door.

Though I must say, we can speak on the phone and I’m happy that he’s more communicative today than yesterday. Also, the nurses there are very helpful.

Though the doctors still don’t know what is wrong with my husband, they tested him right away for COVID, and he doesn’t have it. Phew!. I was so worried about it because I knew some with the virus have trouble moving and staying awake.

So that’s our sad story. I never thought our coronavirus quarantine would turn into other kinds of physical ailments that have left my husband in precarious health and me into a caregiving exhausted worrywart. I only hope that the month of August will turn the ill heath in our lives back to the good.


  1. Judy Shapiro says

    Thinking of you both & anxious to know what is happening

  2. Doug hicks says

    I hope – it’s the best I can do from afar – that you navigate with knowing balance.
    The turbulence is unnerving. I lament this too.
    Peace to you both. I hope.

  3. Madeline Sharples says

    Thanks for your concern, Judy and Doug. I appreciate you being here. Love you!

  4. Bob Zwissler says

    Thinking of both of you. Be safe. BZ

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