Election poems

Although the election results are not yet final, the results now look a lot more favorable than the conspiracy theories the GOP predicted before November 8. I wrote a few poems about how Trump and his cronies behaved, and now I’m so glad I patiently awaited the real results. Here’s some examples:

The mid-term election day
Is Tuesday November 8.
And I’m scared that Trump
And his crazy-minded
Followers are going to
Take over our congress –
Both the house and
The senate if we don’t
Get enough Democrats
Out to vote. We’ve had
a record number of pre-voters
already, but even if
there are more Democrat
than Republican votes,
the MAGA folks will cry
fraud – even before the
polls close.
We had a polling place here
Last week and only fifty
Out one thirty-five of our
Residents came to vote.
They just don’t seem
To care about the outcome
Or the majority of them
Are forever Trumpers.
I just can’t stand it.

Now the GOP is suing
To eliminate thousands
Of mail in ballot in
Key swing states.
They are wielding
Power that they
Don’t have and scaring
Legal voters away.
But their worst enemy
Is the former president
Who lies at all his rallies
And hints non-stop
That he’ll run for
President again in 2024.
Too bad he’s not on
Any ballot for the mid-terms
I’d like to see him squeal
When he loses again.
I may not make it
To see his loss in 2024.


The election roared in
Like a kitten not the
Red Wave the GOP
Expected. They didn’t get
Many house seats
Turned around, and
There is still a possibility
Of a fifty-fifty tie
In the senate.
Trump is livid – blaming
Everyone but himself for
This GOP disaster and
The Dems are happy
As clams.
And the real heroes are
Young voters and women
Who shied away from
Election denier candidates.
They voted to preserve
Our democracy.
I suspect in elections
To come they’ll come out
Much stronger yet.
Hope I’m alive then.

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