Come on over to the Sunscreen Film Festival West

Our son and daughter-in-law’s film, “Gentlemen’s Fury,” will be shown at the Sunscreen Film Festival tomorrow, Saturday, October 7 at 5 pm in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Please come on over and become a part of all the excitement. The film is hilarious.

Go to for more info and tickets.

Gentlemen’s Fury is about a professional tennis player, Aaron Faust, who goes on a desperate mission to prove that tennis is not a soft sport by punching an opponent and joining a cult.
He had a promising career as a professional tennis player. But he also had a few issues. Suspended by the ATP for brawling with an opponent, his life has taken a turn for the worse. During a particularly dark period, he encounters Dwayne, an intense and charismatic zealot, who recruits Aaron for Gentlemen’s Fury, an underground tennis league that just might not be strictly about tennis.
Gentlemen’s Fury stars: Ben Sharples, Jake Head, Audrey Ellis Fox, Kyle Leibovitch, Taishi Mizuno, Scotty Tovar, J.B. Bauersfeld, Raheem Williams, Paul Parducci, Paul Schackman, Todd Cattell, Miranda Parham
Directed By: Ben Sharples and Marissa Hall

Ben and Marissa Sharples


Written By: Ben Sharples, Clint Gardner, Marissa Hall, and Bronson Diallo
Produced By: Ben Sharples and Marissa Hall
Besides the screening Ben and Marissa will appear on a Filmmaker’s Panel from 3 to 4 pm, also on Saturday, October 7. Go to for more information.
 Here’s the trailer:

And please see my blog post from last May with more about this hilarious new film –


  1. Our son Ben won the Sunscreen Film Festival Best Actor Award. We are so excited.

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