Beating the heat in Palm Springs

I met my dear friend, Eleanor, in Palm Springs and we had a wonderful time. Since the weather was unseasonably hot – up to one hundred degrees – we found a wonderful inside diversion. The Palm Springs Art Museum has a great collection. Here are a few samples:

The above is in the entry hall. Looking down inside of it, seems like looking at forever. A must see.

Of course Picasso is represented. I also saw works by some of my other favorites, including Chihuly, Agam, and Vasarely.

And of course we had to have some lunch, so we chose the museum’s grille. We sat outside amidst the cactus gardens and sculpture, very close to the pool. The food we ate was so good, I couldn’t stop gorging.

After lunch we decided to risk the heat and visit the giant statue of Marilyn Monroe, called Forever Marilyn. It was well worth it. Bob and I saw it in 2012 when it first arrived in Palm Springs. I was very happy it is still there so I could see it again. Marilyn is definitely a forever icon.


























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