April small stones

We called our April small stones April Smiles, Showers and Pearls, and indeed they were. Without further ado, here are the small stones I wrote last month.

  1. A beautiful day. A beautiful walk to the beach. And I’m not fooling.
  2. We had brunch and a trip to the park with our three-year old godson and his family today. Always a challenge, but always lovely as well.
  3. So much going on house renovations, writing projects, and a wonderful visit with our deceased son’s best friend. I love that he is still in our lives.
  4. I’ve been working hours revising, thinking, editing, thinking. It’s exhausting.
  5. Looking at these awesome giant birds of paradise from my upstairs window. Nature is such a great inspiration.
  6. We had dinner 71 stories up last night. What a view of downtown Los Angeles:
  7. A beautiful bright sunny day for entertaining relatives from rainy Oregon. And it was so wet this morning I thought they had brought their rain with them.
  8. Today was a work day, not a writing day. I actually did manual labor, and as a result, amassed over 16000 steps.
  9. I signed up for the LA March for Science on April 22. And bought my ticket for the bus to take me there.
  10. On our way on a chartered bus to San Diego for Passover Seder with our huge family. It’s always wonderful to revisit the history of my people – immigrants all – on this occasion.
  11. The company has gone home. It’s great to have them here and great to have them leave. And now we can get back to normal.
  12. This is a whole writing day. I’m working on my novel, submitting and writing poems, writing this small stone, and then posting in my journal. What a joy to have no other chores.
  13. It’s damp and chilly here with barely any sun in sight. When will spring actually arrive?
  14. This day is more like it: clear, sunny, warm. Just what southern California should be all about. Happy Good Friday, everyone.
  15. I started this day with 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer and at an hour Pilates jump board class. My legs feel like rubber.
  16. A big long walk in my hometown paradise. (with two photos)
  17. I decided NOT to take another consulting job, but to keep working on my novel. It’s much more fulfilling.
  18. Another gorgeous day in paradise. The expected rain seemed to pass us by.
  19. Saturday is the Science March. I’ll be there. Anyone else?
  20. The daffodil buds I bought yesterday are in full bloom and color. Glorious.
  21. Now it looks like we’ve skipped spring all together. It was 77 degrees F today and will go up to 80 plus tomorrow. It’s definitely shirt-sleeve and ice tea weather.
  22. I marched for science in downtown Los Angeles today. The event was crowded and peaceful on a beautiful hot and sunny day.
  23. We visited the Broad Museum in downtown LA again yesterday. I’m particularly taken by the Murakami’s, Warhol’s, and Lichtenstein’s. Not so much the Jeff Koons.
  24. I’m being diligent about working on my novel. revisions. Two hours straight this morning, checking off items from my editor’s list.
  25. The beauty of this day is shown here.
  26. I’ve cleared off and filed away the piles of files from my desk. It’s good to see the wood desktop again.
  27. I’ve heard at least five birds bump into my office picture window this morning, after they’ve stopped to sip water in my side-yard fountain. I hope they’re all right.
  28. Buddha and azalea dancing in the light.
  29. Today was a busy day at the beach. Children running in the surf, surfers catching the next waves, volley ball players in bikinis, and walkers on the sand and the pier. The one hundredth day for Trump was a perfect day for me.
  30. The last day of April Smiles, Showers and Pearls is upon us. I wonderful what we’ll call our small stones in May? May Flowers that come after April Showers?

And sure enough we did. Watch for my May small stones sometime next month.

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