A little death mixed in with protest

In my writing group last Tuesday we were offered two prompts: write a protest piece or write about death. I decided to write a little about both. Have a look:


I think it’s appropriate given the time we’re living in to protest Vladimir Putin. From what I read and hear the man has gone crazy. Even Ted Cruz says he’s “off.” And that’s saying a lot coming from Cruz who’s mind and actions are always the opposite of what’s good for our country.

Anyway, back to Putin. He has a face that looks blank – a flat affect they say in the mental illness world. He never shows any expressions. Plus it’s gotten rounder and whiter and wrinkle free – he must be getting Botox injections, so maybe the Botox is making him act off.

What Putin is doing by invading Ukraine is not only bad for Ukraine and Russia, it’s bad for the world. If he presses the wrong button – which a crazy man is likely to do – he could start World War III and end it for all of us.

He’s now moving in multitudes of military vehicles toward Kyiv, the capitol of Ukraine, and the western world is reluctant to bomb them to bits for fear Putin will press that button. He’s made it so a real war can’t even be waged against him.

And who is he doing this for? Certainly not for the Russians. They don’t want this war. They are even risking their own lives by protesting in the Russian streets. No, Putin is doing this for Putin. He wants to turn Russia back into the Soviet Union which was in existence from 1922 to 1991. Ukraine was part of it, so was Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and more. And Putin wants all these countries back under his power.

He wants to be the dictator and ruler of the Soviet Union again. He’s trying to do a land and power grab while not caring about other men, women, and children. He doesn’t care that they are dying by the hundreds now. He doesn’t care that his own advisors who have to sit many feet away from at their required meetings are telling him to stop it right now.

I hope that by the time you finish reading this, he’ll be stopped. Mr. Zelensky has a lot of help from other countries both in the east and the west that are now of one mind to try to stop him. But I fear it’s not enough. I fear that Putin will end up getting what he wants. Well, maybe someone will take him out first. For sure, that man needs killing.

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