A little bragging is in order

My most recent book – a historical novel

Since my new historical novel, Papa’s Shoes, was published by Aberdeen Bay about a month and a half ago, it has received some fabulous reviews. And even a few requests for a sequel – stay tuned about that. Here are three five-star examples:

A Love Story with Acceptance, written by Lisa.

Oh my goodness, I enjoyed reading this book so much. The story line starts with Ira, father & husband, and his journey of leaving Poland to make a life for his family in the United States of America. Once in America, as he is saving money to bring his wife and sons to join him, he receives news that all but one son died of the plague. Ugh!

He returns and takes care of business then returns to America with his wife left to raise their remaining son and the baby on the way. Ruth, his wife, mails a pink string to Ira once Ava is born. When enough funds allow, Ira sends for Ruth, Charlie (their oldest son), and Ava. This is when the story shifts from one of Ira and Ruth to that of Charlie and Ava adjusting to their life as Jewish Immigrants and their parents old ways and religion while embracing the new and mixed views of living in America.

You watch Charlie and Ava grow up and as the book concludes, Ira and Ruth come to major realizations and their children need to make decisions that will impact their relationships with each other and their parents. The life of an immigrant isn’t easy, especially in the 20’s when mixing religions was not accepted as it is today. I enjoyed the ending and it required a tissue. Love wins…this is all I’ll reveal.

Papa’s Shoes Is Hard To Put Down, written by Maureen

I loved Papa’s Shoes by Madeline Sharples and found it very exciting and informative and very well written!
Especially poignant is realizing what the shoe on front cover is all about; it is most touching!
I’m hoping for a sequel to bring this story back to life for all of us avid fans of Papa’s Shoes and the wonderful characters within its pages.

Powerful Historical Fiction Exploring Immigration, Love and Family, written by Anthony

The Review

This historical fiction novel was incredibly well written. It did a great job of showcasing the dual nature of immigration by studying one man’s desire to secure a safe and happy future for his family in the United States, with his other desire to see his daughter marry someone within the same faith and people as they were. It is an in-depth look into the struggle to maintain one’s identity in an ever-changing world, and the struggle to allow oneself to be open to change and accept the reality that our children must make their own choices in life, and a parent’s job is to support them and help them throughout those choices.

It was amazing to see just how much of the Jewish culture was explored in this novel, highlighting the resistance to change so many devoted followers of the faith feel as seen in Ira’s wife Ruth, which was strengthened by their strained marriage throughout the novel. The book did a wonderful job of exploring deep character growth and highlighting the natural interactions amongst the cast of characters, helping to highlight the emotional struggle of those involved.

The Verdict

This was a wonderful book to delve into. The author does a great job of highlighting the struggles of immigration, the beliefs and culture of the Jewish people, and the emotional struggle of a father and daughter, the former struggling between tradition and love for his daughter, the latter seeking love and struggling with the thought of losing her family in the process. The book’s beginning sets the tone for the fragility of life that is explored in this novel, and the struggle to aspire for a better life. The double lives people lead, the heartbreak of following your dreams and passions in life at the cost of losing a family unwilling to accept your different outlook on life, and a simple yet powerful ending make this the perfect read.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy of Papa’s Shoes by Madeline Sharples today!


I couldn’t be prouder to have received such glowing reviews of my new book already. I hope my Choices readers will pick up a copy and read and review it as well.

Papa’s Shoes by Madeline Sharples is available in print and as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

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