A great book launch

Last night {Pages} a bookstore hosted me for the launch and book signing of Papa’s Shoes. And it turned out to be a huge success.

We used up all the available chairs and still there were people standing while I spoke and read. And we sold a bunch of copies of Papa’s Shoes plus two copies of Leaving the Hall Light On as well.

i couldn’t be happier. and that is saying a lot since I churned about it for days and days. I kept revising and going over my script, I practiced reading the four pieces I had picked to read for my audience, and I woke every morning for the last week or so at three with my heart pitter patting while I went over my script in my mind.

Now, just to let you know, I’ve gone through this exact same thing for other speaking occasions, and I knew from experience that all would go well – it always has. So why should i put myself through this again? Especially the waking up so early in the morning.

But now that’s over, I’m proud to show you a few of the 144 photos my daughter-in-law, Marissa, took last night.

Speaking to the crowd

Signing a book for one of my greatest fans

With my cover artist, Jen Jenkins Dohner






With my family Bob, Ben, and Marissa










Papa’s Shoes is a work of historical fiction with an immigration story and a little feminism and romance thrown in.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Ira Schuman is determined to move his family out of their Polish shtetl to the hope and opportunities he’s heard about in America. But along the way he faces the death of three of his four sons, a wife who does not have the same aspirations as his, and the birth of a daughter, Ava, conceived to make up for the loss of his boys. Ava grows up to be smart, beautiful, and very independent.

Besides having a feisty relationship with her overly-protective mother, Ava falls for the college man who directs her high school senior class play. With the news that she wants to marry a non-Jewish man, Ira realizes that his plan to assimilate in the new world has backfired. Should the young couple marry, he must decide whether to banish his daughter from his family or welcome them with open arms. Even though he won’t attend their wedding, he makes her a pair a wedding shoes. In his mind, the shoes are simply a gift, not a peace offering.

It is available at {Pages} a bookstore


  1. BRAVA! Happy for you. I hope my launch in a few months goes as well.

    Here’s to more sales . . . and more sleep at night!

    • Madeline Sharples says

      Thank you so much, Marian. And I wish you huge success at your launch – with no sleepless nights.
      Love, Madeline

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