A final report – hopefully!

The last time I reported on my husband, Bob’s, health was July 31. At that time he was still in hospital for the second time in less than a month. I finally brought him home on August fifth, but I must say I didn’t see much improvement until late last week. He was sleeping a lot during the day and night, not eating much, and finding it very hard to get around even with his walker. It was very discouraging – such that I kept telling him I didn’t know how to take care of him.

I did, however, keep feeding him. I would make him a smoothie first thing in the morning using Boost with twenty grams of protein, fresh fruit, yogurt, and some sorbet – all flavor coordinated. At first that was enough breakfast, but after a few days he asked for more food – like a couple of fried eggs, a piece of toast with cream cheese and jam on it, or some cheese and crackers. That was the first good sign. As a matter of fact, he started talking about what foods he’d like to eat later in the day.

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I didn’t mean for this to be all about his eating, but it turns out that has been his recovery driver. And the proof is that in the last week or so he has gained back seven pounds of the more than twenty he lost during his whole three-month ordeal. Those pounds have given him more energy to walk- now he’s trying to walk outside – and get more involved in his life – like reading, watching his stock account, paying our bills again, and taking care of himself. That’s a great reassurance for me because those are all signs that he still has some life left in him. Needless to say, that was a huge worry.

So, thanks for allowing me to share these personal bits with you. I’ve really appreciated the love and concern you’ve shared with me after you read my earlier posts about Bob’s health issues. Hopefully, he’ll keep on improving, and this will be the last time I’ll write about this subject.



  1. Wonderful to hear, Madeline! Best to you, Bob. Savor those smoothies!

  2. Ron Next Door says

    Thank you for the update. Keep feeding that guy!

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